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The Source:
A radical act of reclaiming power.

To comrades, friends, allies and anarchists,

Welcome to the launch of our publication from sex workers of colour on lived experiences in the margins of society. This zine is a result of mutual aid and artistic collaboration throughout the lockdowns of 2020 globally and features work internationally lead by SWOC and supported by London based collective members of Femmedaemonium. This project strives on paying and platforming these voices to validate their value as artists, not just statistics.


We believe that this piece of work should be freely accessible to all, so the download link below will give full access to the web version of our zine. If you are in a position to pay for your copy, then a donation link is available below. We are currently crowdfunding for the project so that we can realise our dreams of taking this into a performance lead future.If you would like to preorder a printed copy of the zine, then we suggest a £6 donation (please do include a contact address so that we can get it to you!

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