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Icons: A Portrait Sacrarium to Sex Workers' Rights

by Selina Mayer

The Horse Hospital, Bloomsbury. Tuesday 8th March  - Thursday 17th March 2022


This year the Daemons return in answer to International Women's Day with a sacred photography and performance exhibition. Showcasing Selina Mayer's 'Icons' series, this candlelit sacrarium features portraits of sex workers photographed with antique plate cameras to create one-of-a kind prints. The body of work seeks to reclaim historical iconography and patriarchal views of 'the divine feminine'.  Join us in ritual as we remember those lost in the industry and come together to share ideas on a future in which sex workers are recognised and removed from stigma. 

Featuring themes on feminine archetypes and mythologies, witchcraft, sex magick, and queer sex work feminism.


Originally produced for the We Walk Among You: Womxn’s Strike exhibition on International Women’s Day 2020, curated by sex worker art collective FemmeDaemonium and subvertising art activists Special Patrol Group.

This exhibition will be marked by two events on Tuesday 8th March and Thursday 10th March. The 8th March event is a sex workers’ industry-only space; the 10th March event is open to all members of the public. 

Please note: The public photography exhibition will run from 12pm-6pm throughout the week on a donation basis and is welcome to all. All donations will go directly towards producing the exhibition, and 50% of all artwork proceeds sold on International Women's Day will be donated to the Sex Worker's Advocacy Resistance Movement charity in order to support the safety of living sex workers.

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