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Myths have no dogma. 

A performance ritual and theatre collective founded in 2017, brought together by survivors of misogyny. We seek to unveil truth behind historical folklore and mythology by researching our own ancestors. To amplify the voices of those who seek to reclaim their identity through political, creative expression; we collectively re-embody and redirect our energy. We are here to listen. We are here to be heard. By creating venue specific theatre, we draw inspiration from the site we take over and provide an alternate reality in keeping with its surroundings.

Able to roam freely and follow narratives as an individual with a choice that influences the story, you are not a member of the audience; you are with us. ​FemmeDaemonium creates engaging work which is exploratory, safe and centres lived experiences.

A Portrait Sacrarium Ritual

8th March 2022 The Horse Hospital, Bloomsbury. 

Part of international SW strike in collaboration with analogue photographer Selina Mayer; this portrait and performance exhibition brought together people from sex working organisations to collaboratively compose and platform voices from Sexquisite, Cybertease and the East London Strippers Collective. With both closed community and open to public shows, this exhibition solidified the relationship between art and the political domain 

2022/2023 workshop programme

Lead by our growing community of practitioners, we run workshops on a donation basis to ensure accessibility for all seeking a space to explore their story through voice. We draw from and give power to the genderqueer and neurodiverse experience, although all who are aligned with our values are welcome.

Collective Vocal Drone

Ugly Duck, SE1



Queer Vocal Identity

Queer Circle SE10



Collaborative Ritual Magick 

Xplore Festival


Our Cause

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